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RDM218 Contactless card reading module is an embedded card reader module product designed according to the special requirements of the contactless CPU card application field. It contains two PSAM card slots (can be connected externally) and supports ISO7816 standard. This product packages the communication protocol of the contactless CPU cards and common contactless CPU card operation procedures into the module; and operates the contactless CPU card and completes card flow operation through serial communication interface.

Standard antenna size: 104X67mm or 110X110mm

RDM218contactless CPU cards module is a necessary front-end processing device developing CPU card related application products and systems with rich and perfect interface communication protocols and is widely used in the smart card management application systems of such fields as industry and commerce, telecommunications, postal services, tax administration, banking, insurance, medical treatment as well as toll collection, stored value, enquiry, internet bar charging and computer security management.


  • Support ISO1443A/B, contactless card;
  • Support NFC function;
  • Interface:TTL(UART)
  • Antenna: External antenna, optional two standard antenna configurations (other sizes can be customized)
  • Power supply:2.7V~5.5V;
  • Operating temperature range-20 ℃ ~ +70 ℃;
  • Built-in financial regulation PSAM module, support two PSAM cards at the same time;
  • Can be connected with PSAM card in line with ISO7816 standard;
  • Provide two LED lights and a buzzer control port;
  • Supports ISO14443-3/4 and ISO7816 communication protocols;
  • Using industrial-grade micro-processor;
  • Anti-interference treatment, good EMB performance;


Data Transfer Rate


Supporting Card Category

Contactless: Contactless card in line with ISO/IEC14443B Contact-type: PSAM card in line with ISO7816, Baud rate supports 9600bps and 38400bps, operational cards include: Mifare one s50, s70, Mifare Pro, AT88RF020, Tsinghua Tongfang, Odd CPU card and other dual-interface CPU card and high-speed and low-speed SAM cards in line with ISO14443-4.

Card Reading Distance

Depending on the installation location and antenna: Up to 7cm or above

Current Consumption

40-120mA (Depending on antenna)



Operating Temperature

-20o C to +70 o C






  • financial
  • consumption;
  • social security;
  • telecommunications;
  • postal services、bus and subway

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