• Customers Visted RDM

    2019/09/10 229

  • RFID Gradually replace Bar Code Technology

    RFID technology is a non-contact radio frequency identification technology, which USES a reader to read codes on tags attached to objects.The code on each tag is unique, so it can effectively identify

    2019/07/18 344

  • What is Rfid

    RFID is Radio Frequency Identification.Its principle is the non-contact data communication between the reader and the tag to achieve the purpose of identifying the target.RFID is widely used. At prese

    2019/07/18 356

  • Rfid Industry Status and future trends

    The invention of computer formed the first industrialization wave of information technology;The development of Internet and mobile network has created the second wave of information technology industr

    2019/07/18 200

  • How to choose Rfid Reader?

    The contactless IC card reader used for access control is an important part of the access control system and the key equipment for signal input of the access control system.If an access control system

    2019/07/18 221

  • Shenzhen RDM Exhibition


    2019/07/18 237

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